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[10 Mar 2006|12:35pm]

do any of you guys know how to track an IP address?
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[06 Apr 2005|10:48pm]
[ mood | whoa.... ]

I haven't checked this community in a long time. I liked noelani's chicken soup idea that was a long time ago. kinda. here we go. It's a long one, but it strikes a tear when i read it...

Does God care about lost Dogs?
Marion Bond West
A 5th potion of Chicken Soup for the Soul

The bitter cold weather had forced the large red dog to curl into a tighter ball, tucking his nose under his big, muddy feet. Old Red lived outside Larry's Barber Shop, sleeping on a small scrap of carpeting. The mongrel dog had panted through a hot summer, watching hopefully as the children came out of the small grocery store that adjoined the barber shop. Many shared their treats with him. On Valentine's Day, someone left a handful of candy hearts on Old Red's carpet.
Old Red once had a buddy- a scrawny black dog. Constant companions, they slept curled together. Old Red mourned his friend by keeping his usually wagging tail motionless. As friends stooped to pat him, Old Red wouldn't even look up.
Someone dumped a puppy out one day, and Old Red immediately adopted him. He followed the puppy around like a mother hen. During the cold nights, Old Red shared his carpet with the frisky puppy, letting him sleep against the wall. Old Red slept on the cold outside.
Soon the puppy disappeared too, and the old dog was alone again.
I would have taken him home in a minute. Any homeless dog or cat could win my instant friendship- all it took was one hopeful look. But my husband had explained time and again that we simply could not take in stray animals. I knew he was right, but sometimes my heart forgot. With great determination I tried to steel myself against looking into the eyes of any stray, hungry dog or cat. Old Red never looked hungry, though, so I decided it was all right to form a relationship with him.
One day I found out by accident from the barber's wife that her husband was feeding the dog daily. "He won't even buy cheap food," she laughed. "He buys the most expensive there is."
I stopped by the barber shop to tell Larry how grateful I was that he was feeding the do. He brushed aside my thanks and insisted the dog meant nothing to him. "I'm thinking of having him taken off," Larry mumbled gruffly.
He didn't fool me a bit.
During a snowstorm Old Red disappeared. I haunted the barber shop. "Larry, where can he be?" I'd ask
"I'm glad he's gone. He was a bother, and it was getting expensive feeding him." Larry continued to cut a customer's hair, not looking at me.
Later, his wife told me that Larry had driven for miles looking for the dog.
On the third day the dog reappeared. I ran to him and patted his head. The big, dirty tail didn't flop once. He didn't even raise his head. I felt his nose: hot and dry. Busting into the barber shop, I hollered, "Larry, Old Red's sick!"
Larry continued cutting a customer's hair. "I know. Won't eat"
"Where do you think he's been?"
"I can't prove it, but I think someone at the shopping center complained and he was hauled off Did you see his feet? Looks like he's been walking for days to get back."
I lowered my voice. "Let him inside, Larry"
The customers seemed to be enjoying our conversation. "I can't do that. This is a place of business."
I left the shop, and for hours I tried to get someone involved in helping Old Red. The Humane Society said they'd take the dog, but they were an hour's drive across Atlanta, and I had no idea how to get ther. Anyway, no one would adopt a sick dog, and they'd put him to sleep. A vet I phoned said right away that he didn't take charity cases. The police, fire department, and manger of the shopping center could offer no help. None of my friends were interested.
I knew I was about to bring Old Red home despite my husband's rules about strays. I hadn't brought an animal home in a long time.
As I fixed supper that night I said very little. My husband finally askedgrimly, "Do you want me to go look at that dog with you?" Translated, this meant: "I'll get involved a little bit. But we cannot keep the dog."
I ran to the attic and got a large box and a blanket. Grabbing some aspirin and an antibiotic one of the children had been taking, then warming some milk, I finally announced, "I'm ready." We piled our four children in the car and started for the shopping center. Snow covered the ground. Hold on, Old Red. We're coming.
As we entered the shopping center, all my hopes faded. He was gone. "oh, he's gone off to die," I moaned. We drove around and looked and called, but the dog didn't come.
The next day I took the boys in for a haircut. Old Red was back! But he looked worse than ever. After feeling his hot nose I ran into the barber shop. "Larry, the dog is going to die right in front of your shop."
Larry liked to tease me-even about this. He didn't look up. "Think he's already dead. Haven't seen him move all morning."
"Larry," I screamed, "you've got to do something!"
I left the barber shop with a heavy heart. It took all my willpower not to put Old Red in our car. He seemed resigned to his fate. I was almost in tears. One of my twins kept asking me something as we sat in our car. He repeated his question for the third time.
"Does God care about lost dogs, Mama?"
I knew I had to answer Jeremy even though God seemed far away. I felt a little guilty, too, because I never thought about bothering God with this. "Yes, Jeremy, God cares about all his creatures." I was afraid of his next question.
"Then let's ask him to make Old Red well. Can we do that, Mama?"
"Of course, Jeremy," I answered somewhat exasperated. What else could I say to a fiver-year-old?
Jeremy bowed his head, folded his hands, shut his eyes and said, "God, I want to ask you to make Old Red well again. And please... send a little boy to love him. Amen"
Jeremy waited patiently for my prayer. I felt like explaining to him that animals were suffering everywhere. But I prayed, "Dear Lord, think you for caring about all your creatures. Please send someone to care about Old Red. Please hurry."
Jon added his prayer to ours, and I backed out of the parking place. I was crying now, but Jeremy and Jon didn't seem to notice. Jeremy let down the window and called out cheerfully, "Bye, Old Red. You're gonna be okay. Someone's coming to get you"
The tired old dog raised his head slightly as we drove off.
Two days later Larry called. "Guess what?" he said
I was afraid to ask.
"Your dog's well."
"What... how..."
There was unmistakable excitement in Larry's voice. "Yesterday a vet came in to have his hair cut, and I asked him to take a look at the dog-'cause you were about to drive me crazy. He gave Old Red a shot, and he's all well."
Weeks passed, and Old Red continued to live outside the barber shop. I sometimes wondered if he ever noticed the dogs that came to the stores with families. Dogs often leanedout of car windows and barked at Old Red, or just looked at him. Old Red didn't pay any attention.
Jeremy continued to talk about the someone whom God would send to love Old Red.
One day we rode by the barber shop and Old Red was gone. I went in and asked Larry where he was.
Larry started grinning as soon as I came in. "Strangest thing happenned yesterday. This lady brought her little boy in for a haircut. I didn't know them. New in this area. She asked about the dog. Her little boy had a fit over him. When I told her he didn't belong to anyone, she took him home with her"
"Larry, don't tease me."
"I'm not teasing. I'll give you her telephone number. I got it. She was going to take the dog to the vet for shots and a bath. Man, you should have seen Old Red sitting up in the front seat of the Buick. If I didn't know better, I'd say he was grinning. Happiest dog I've ever seen."
I walked out of the barber shop quickly. I didn't want Larry to see me crying.

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YOU CANT SEE THE SUBJECT. i needa change the colors so we can see it. [06 Apr 2005|11:15pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

im a bad moderator... im gonna try to make this community look better. haha.
YES. BETTER. ill try to post stuff more in here too. well, laterz you guys. stay cool.

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an unbreakable bond / tragedy [14 Mar 2005|05:38pm]


Becca and I met in the first grade. She was a new student registering at our school and I, well, I was in trouble for daring Kenny Boucher to stick raisins up his nose. WE spent the entrie afternoon in the principal's office together and came away from the experience completly inseparable. At the parent-teacher conference, my firstgrade teacher told my mother that elementary friendships never last, that within two months everyone has a new best fiend. She was wrong. Through elementary when best friends change every week, middle school when no one is ever"cool" enough and junior high when everyone reevaluates everything about themselves, we remained steadfast. And together, with excitement and apprehension, we entered high school.
It's truly amazing how your entire priority system changes when you enter those intimidating double doors. Instead of sleepovers and birthday parties, it becaomes dating and dances. the first dance was homecoming. I didn't really think about it; I had better things to do such as football games, seeing movies or going out to eat. Besides, I wasn't allowed to date. I didn't want to be another freshman dork at a dance without a guy. My reasons were good enough for me, but they didn't satisfy Becca.
The Friday morning of the game, she appeared at my locker where i prentended to be furiously looking for my biology book.
"I didn't know you weren't going to the dance,"she accused me.
I shrugged, still burrowing.
"Come on," she pleaded. "please go with me>"
I dug still, wishing I'd never heard of homecoming.
"why won't you go?"
Silence from my end.
"Is this because you don't have a date?"
I stoped furrowing through my stuff. "Maybe."
She sighed in frustration and turned away. I sighed in relief, although i knew she wasn't going to forget the conversation even if she had to find me a date.
The second confrontation occurred at the actual game.
"I don't have a date either," she announced to me.
"Becca, you told me you had a date. YOu've had a date for several weeks. " I was starting to get slightly annoyed. slightly."would you just leave me alone already?" I looked up at her. that was really the wrong move to make Becca had that"wonunded puppy"look in her eyes.
I hated that look.
"Will you leave me alone if i give you an answere?"
She grinned a characteristic Becca grin. "yes," was her quick reply.
"call me tommarow, okay?"
At promptly two o'clock on the day of the dacne, I recived the dreaded call.
"what have you decided?" she asked, trying to sound like she really didn't care.
"I gues..." I moaned, desperately searching for the I'm-sorry-but-I-can't-make-it speech I had been rehearsing all day.
"Yes!thank you. thank you! YOU have no idea how happy i am!we'll pick you up at seven, 'kay?"
"you don't need to pick me up..." i began.
"don't worry about it. It's on our way. Love ya, bye."
"bye." i didn't want to admit it, but her excitement was catching. Maybe that night wouldn't be so bad after all.
Okay, I"ll say it, the dance was fun. Becca and I had the time of our lives, dancing like maniacs. It seemed like eleven came way too fast. ONe second we were dacning to "time of your life" and the next the lights were coming back on in the gym. Becca threw her arm around my shoulder.
"So, what do you think? Glad you came?"
I grinned at her. " thanks for talking me into it."
"No problem, babe. Come on , let's go home."
Arm in arm, we left the building, totatlly wrapped up in life. It seemed that we were heading into the happiest time of our lives, and the next three years were looking really good.
"this is weird" Matt commented, turning on this windshield wipers. I casta nervous glance out the back window,. It was beginging to hail with a ferocity that you usually don't see in the middle of October.
" are we almost home?" becca asked, with just a twinge of anxiety in her voice.
"yeah, a few more miles."
squinting out the front window, I watched the tree limbs laying in the bed of the truck in front of us wave in the strong wind.
"I Don't htink I like being behind this truck" matt said nervously. "i'm going to get in the other lane."
Just as he turned his blinker on, I caught sight of the truck again. "Matt!" I screamed in terror. The next few seoconds seemed to last forever, yet they went by faster than my mind could process what was happening. The huge truck spun out of control, landing on its side. tree limbs, leaves and everything else imaginable came flying towards Matt's car in a tangeled mess. With a sickening crash, we came to a reast on the side of the road.
I pried open my eyes. Bropken branches and twigs were piled on my lap. The speed and force of the twigs hiting me had etched a pattern of bleeding scratches into my arms, face, and generally every other exposed are of skin. I couldn't even see anymore in the front seat.
"Becca? Matt?"
No reply. Flying out of the car at warp speed, I ran around and pulled on matt's door. he lwas lost in a tangled mess.
"hold on. Hold on. I can get out." He emerged, and I could hardly believe he was still alive. It didn't even look like he had actual skin remainging on his face. But he was conscious, and at that moment, that was all I cared about.
I ran around to the other side and flung open Becc'as door. Small tree branches were so densely packed into the front of the car that I couldn't even see her. IN a mix of fear and frenzy, I broke them away until finally uncovered her.
"Um-hmmm. Are you alright?"
"yeah, i'm fine. i think...you look awful. are you okay?"
I think at that point my heart started beating again.
"yeah, fine. I'm glad youare. That was way too close. can you get out?"
"I'm going to find someone who can call for help," Matt announced, sprinting back in the direction we had come from. I prayed that someone would drive by' however, I knew that in the current weather condition, it was highly unlikely.
"Okay, we'll wait for somebody to get here. " I knelt by the door to keep her company.
"I'm really glad you came to the dance with me," she told me with a smile.
"i'm glad i came, too"
Her smile turned to a grimace, and i followed her glance. suddenly, i thought i was going to be sick . a large tree limb, at least as big around as my arm, protruded from her chest. her entire left side was covered in blood and more was added to it with each pulse of her heart.
"You'll be okay, " i told her, feeling the phelegm in my throat. taking her hand, i held on to it for dear life. my heart was smashed into a pulp as i watched her. with every breath i took, i could feel tiny, razor-sharp daggers stabbing every square inch of my body.
she smiled again at me. again, my heart took a beating.
"you're so sweet, thanks."
My face was wet, and I wasn't sure whether it was with blood, rain or tears. It was probably all three. Soon, her chest became significantly less with each beat.
"hey, sara?" she whispered.
"hmmm?" i managed, barely a sound at all.
"girl, i love you so much. don't let them keep us apart, okay?"
Not really sure what she ment, i was willing to agree with anything. "yeah, i'll ride to the hospital with you."
She shook her head. "that's not what i ment, and you know it. Promise?"
I searched for my voice for what seemed like priceless years. "I promise." Becca smiled in her characteristically sweet way at me. Nodding, her eyes shut peacefully. The grip on my hand lossened.
In a panicked choke, i thrust my head into the car, mere centimeters from hers. "becca! Becca! stay awake! Becca, no! come on, girl! bec-"
Running out of voice, I stared in disbelief at the blood covered, cold body of the person who had been closer to me than anoyone else for eight years. Eight long years that had ended in a singgle un believable moment. I laid my head on her lap and sobbed her name until every last ounce of strength in me was gone. Dissolving into body-wracking tears, I fell onto the cold ground and grasped her hand again. the cold hail prounded my back, and i was all alone.
Walking throught those double doors again for the first time in two weeks, i braced myself as yet another wave of grief and loss blasted me in the face. it took complete concentration to make the interminable walk to my locker. I was aware that people were actually stopping to watch me go by. finally i got there, and all i could do was stand there and stare at the cold, gray metal door.
Looking to the ceiling for some kind of help, some kind of comfort, i prepared myself for the ineveitable. there would be no little card taped to the top shelf, no recent sighn of someone else's presence besides my own there. bracing myself against eevery emotion that beat againist my body, i slowly spun my comination lock. twenty-one ...thirty-nine...twenty-two...click. i painfully swallowe dhte hard lump in my throat, removed the lock and slowly swung the door open.
a new card was taped to the shelf, the handwriting on the envelope so unmistakably familiar. and yet...it just couldn't be. using every bit of control i had left, i peeled the evnevelope from the shelf. the wel-known scent it carried actually knocked me over. sitting hard on the floor, new tears caeme running down my cheeks in a rushing torerent. there was nothing left to do. i had to open it.
Opening the card, i could barely read the lines thre my blurred vision.

Hey, I know you didn't really want to come to the dance tonight, but i'm glad you agreed to it. Girl, i love you, and i hope i didn't drive you nuts trying to convince you to do this. we've always stuck together, and it'll never change, right? hope you have fun. i'll see you soon.
I let my eyes wander to the inside of the locker door and found exactly the picture i didn't want to see. it had always been one of my favorites, dating back only about two months to band camp. we had our arms around each other, saluting with our instruments. the picture showed us laughing about something or other. we were always laughing about something....
id din't know how i was going to keep my promis to becca. it seemed that fate had done a pretty good job of separating us. already, i couldn't vividly recall her smile, her laugh, her voice, her expression.
the bell rang, but as everyone drifted to class, i slepped aoutside. i lifted my face to the sky and let the sunglight dry my tears. new resolve filled my being. i grasped every memory, insignificant as some seemed, of my best friend and locked them into the big, emptry space in my heart. they came nowhere near filling the gap, but i would never let them go, and for the first time i understood what becca had meant in her final breaths. there was nthing that could ever keep us apart; time had proven that was impossible. turning back to the school building i had entered for the first time not long ago, i knew that this time i had the strength to go back inside.
after all, this time i wasn't alone. i carried the spirit of my best friend, and she and i would never truly be apart. she lives on in every smile i give away.
sara preston.
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[13 Mar 2005|03:59pm]


And so it continues...the "no updating" phase" sad sad. Well, since no one is posting I suppose I'll post another Chicken Soup story thingy. I shall go get my book, MUAHAHAHA! I really like these though, I hope you do too!

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[06 Mar 2005|08:28pm]

Hello...I liked Noelani's idea about the Chicken Soup thing. And nobody really writes in here...so I've decided to share my favorite ones with you peoples!

How Sweet the Sound

Take a harp, go about the city; make sweet melody, sing many songs, that though may be remembered. Isaiah 23:16

The lead should have been mine. All my friends agreed with me. At least, it shouldn't have been Helen's, that strange new girl. She never had a word to say, always looking down at her feet as if her life was too heavy to bear. We thought she was just stuck-up. Things can't be all that bad for her, we reasoned, not with all the great clothes she wears. She hadn't worn the same thing more than twice in the two months she'd been at our school.
But the worst of it was when she showed up at our tryouts and sang for my part. Everyone knew the lead role was meant for me. After all, I had parts in all our high school musicals, and this was our senior year.
My friends were waiting for me, so I didn't hang around for Helen's audition. The shock came two days later when we hurried to check the bulletin board for the cast list.
We scanned the sheets looking for my name. When we found it, I stood there in shock. Helen was picked to play the lead! I was to be her mother and her understudy. Understudy? Nobody could believe it.
Rehearsals seeemed to go on forever. Helen didn't seem to notice that we were going out of our way to ignore her. I'll admit it, Helen did have a beautiful voice. She was different on stage somehow. Not so much happy as settled and content.
Opening night brought its fair share of jitters. Everyone was quietly bustling around backstage, waiting for the curtain to go up. Everyone but Helen, of course. She seemed contained in her own world.
The performance was a hit. Our timing was perfect; our voices blended and soared. Helen and I flowed back and forth, weaving the story between us-I, the ailing mother praying for her wayward daughter, and Helen, the daughter who realizes as her mother dies that there is more to life than this life. The final scene reached its dramatic end. I was laying in the darkened bedroom. The prop bed I was on was uncomfortable, which made it hard to stay still. I was impatient, anxious for Helen's big finish to be over.
She was spotlighted on stage, the grieving daughter beginning to understand the true meaning of the hymn she had been singing as her mother passed away.
"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound...." Her voice lifted over the pain of her mother's death and the joy of God's promises.
"...That saved a wretch like me..." Something real was happening to me as Helen sang. My impatience was gone.
"...I once was lost, but now I'm found..." I started to cry.
"...Was blind but now I see." My spirit began to turn within me, and I turned to God. In that moment, I knew his love, his desire for me. Helen's voice lingered in the prayer of the last note. The curtain dropped.
Comlete silence. Not a sound. Helen stood behind the closed curtain, head bowed, gently weeping.
Suddenly, applause and cheers erupted, and when the curtain parted the entire audience was standing.
We all made our final bows. My hugs were genuine. My heart had been opened wide.
Then it was over. The costumes were hung up, makeup tissued off and the lights dimmed. Everyone went off in their usual groupings congratulating each other.
Everyone but Helen. I stayed because I needed to tell her something.
"Helen, your song...it was so real for me," I hesitated, my feelings intense. I suddenly felt shy. "You sang me into the heart of God."
Helen's eyes met mine.
"That's what my mother said to me the night she died." A tear slipped down her cheek. My heart leapt to hers. "My mother was in such pain. Singing 'Amazing Grace' always comforted her. She told me to remember God would always be good to me, and that his grace would lead her home."
Her face lit up from the inside out, her mother's love shining through. "Just before she died, she whispered, 'Sing me into the heart of God, Helen.' That night and tonight, I sang for my mother."
Cynthia M. Hammond
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heh [20 Feb 2005|07:33pm]

[ mood | blah ]

wow, i forgot about this thing.... well since no one really writes in it, its kind of hard not to.

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chicken soup [17 Feb 2005|05:11pm]

maybe since no one wrights in here we should make it like a chicken soup book except on the internet. if u don't know what the chicken soup is its just true stories in the past about friendship, love, relationship, hatred, forgiving, etc...stuff like that. for example u can put the subj. as"friendship" then u wright the title of the storie in the entry and a quote(u don't have too) in italics or underlined and then wright ur storie of friendship or stuff like that. it can help people about the values of life or stuff....
just a thought if u guys wanna do it in the comunitie journal.
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[11 Feb 2005|10:17am]

no schoooool today....im going to the convention that all the band directors are going to so i might see mr.l, limon, mrs.rush, ..etc...ya and tommarow im going to an asian festival.my best friends are comming here so thats really great!
so ya
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people need to actually update this [10 Jan 2005|02:58pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

this thingy is getting no attention! imagine how neglected it feels! aww, poor baby! lol...so yeah laterness!

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[29 Dec 2004|11:41pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey everybody, I like... NEVER type in here. Yea we should advertise this thingy everywhere. Well yea hello...bye.


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yo [24 Dec 2004|05:08pm]

[ mood | jubilant ]

yo everybod!!!i made it to san antonio and its snowing...its awsome...i can actually see it...not like the one in harlingen were u couldn't and it melted to the ground fast. im happy!!!yaaaaaaaaaaa

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[01 Dec 2004|04:55pm]

[ mood | eatingaveryBIGpeppermint stick ]

there i wrote in here!!?? i think? umm...hi. i miss middle school. well not exactly, i miss the people that were there... it sucks, i wish we were all at the same school and what not. alot of people i haven't seen since like the last day of school last year... which reminds me
i'm not sure who is in this community, but um...is michael's birthday um... sunday december 5th....(mcknight) i think it is but i'm not sure.... and if it is, can someone tell him i said happy birthday? on like monday or something....i dunno. i'm confused. okays well i think i'm gonna go now...bye. L8tRZ

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[30 Nov 2004|09:07pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

ahhh im crazy! crazy i tells ya!!!!!

so...i sucked at the pageant-meaning i didnt get into top ten: BECAUSE i used a ranchy word (whoops-i didnt know!)
the word was quirky, who would've thought it means kinky?!
so yeah...stupid me =/
well more people need to join and write...lalala

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[27 Nov 2004|10:19pm]

[ mood | tired ]

hello. long time no write. shhheeeeet.. well, hello. goodbye.

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Newbie I guess... [27 Nov 2004|12:23am]

[ mood | thirsty ]

I guess I guessed right. Im John, cousin to "kornspike" here. Im 18 and I like guitars and everything else in the metal criteria. Hit me up if anyone would like to get to know me better, make fun of me, get to know me better, or to um... get to know me better. Well, im out, the korn spiker is here sleepin over. Check with you all later on, peace out fuckers and etc.


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desertedness [25 Nov 2004|01:23pm]

[ mood | confused ]

why isn't anyone writing in here???? i realize that alot of people don't have time but it's like way too deserted....it's like a haunted community or something, no one's here anymore...this sucks.

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who's the one... [18 Nov 2004|01:51pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

there's a girl who said she was moving to San Antonio-who is it? i forgot and want to know

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[12 Nov 2004|05:50pm]

[ mood | blah....ahhhh ]

yeah...i've never hated school before and now i do...it's not really hateworthy, its just that the classes don't interest me and i'm bored and like the main reason that i don't like it is because a lot of my friends went to south(the other school) and like it sucks. i mean, i do have like, umm...*can't count* a lot of friends here, but it still sucks @$$...so yeah. oh well, i guess. i don't think that's why i cut myself...or is it??? dun,dun,dun....well, really, i don't know...that could be one of the reasons..hmm..i think i'm going to start pondering about that.... but yeah that school thing sounds like fun, but i would never be able to do that..i'm too used to routine and what not...so yeah...
and..no it's not the 'hero' from spiderman...i think it's by nickelback or something like that..i'm not sure. but the one i had in my head was the one by 'superchick' i think they're like a christian rock group or something, i'm not sure..i just know that i like that song so yeah...
and i'm not sure why '4evrdownunder' deleted her journal...maybe i'll ask..or did i already do that? not sure..but yeah....umm....yeah...that's it...i think.... l8rz......ppl----write----where is everybody????

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[12 Nov 2004|11:37am]

[ mood | drained ]

why did foreverdownunder (didn't spell that right i bet) scratch off? not like the lottery Texas scratch offs...but why'd she leave???
i used to hate school so much-i'd cut myself because of it...but now im going to a new cool school where i only go for 4 hrs.a day it's kinda self-paced, but we have deadlines, and it's mostly all on the pooter, except for small assignments/projects and it's small and inviting 'cause ALL of the highschoolers (9-12) are in one room but the rest of the school (pre K -8) are in another part of the building

so now i kinda like school. we also get off early or don't have school at all-randomly- so it's fun

that Hero song you were listening to- is it the one from the 1st Spiderman that goes like "...and they say that a hero can save us, im not gonna stand here and wait..." if not-which band sings that..i forgot and it's bothering me..maybe i'll go look it up
well type members...jeeeeeez that's the least im asking (the most is get me a new home away from my mother-she SUUUUCKS!) sometimes my little sis' is ok though

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